Does the 
Summer Heat make you FEEL Agitated, Groggy, or Spacey? 

If so, then you are not alone!  

Below are a couple of my favorite ways to remain cool and collected in the elevated summer heat, or whenever you feel a rise in agitation!

Sitali or Sitkari Pranayamaknown as the Cooling Breath, helps to cool and temper the body and balance Pitta energy. It simmers anger, and agitation and can help to reduce appetite, thirst, fatigue, and more.

To practice, inhale through the curled extended tongue (Sitali Pranayama) or place the tongue at the roof of your mouth (Sitkari Pranayama), then exhale.
 Refer to the image on this post.

Once you exhale, the tongue is drawn back into the mouth, lips close at the end of inhalation. Exhale through the throat or nose.

With the eyes remaining closed or at a soft gaze, do this breath for at least 20 repetitions. Pause and sense how you feel. Use as often as needed to experience an overall sense of coolness. 

Another favorite way is to sip water with a drop of Peppermint Vitality throughout your day to maintain a cooling balance and uplift your energy. Or you can place a drop on the back of your neck or temples to cool down quickly. 

Contact me here for a free audio of this breathing practice and a mini Yoga Nidra or receive a sample of Peppermint Essential Oil.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer!


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