Beginner's Guide to Yoga: Tips for Starting Your Practice

Whether you're seeking a new way to stay active, reduce stress, or find a deeper connection with yourself, yoga offers something for everyone. As a beginner, stepping onto the mat for the first time can be both exciting and a bit intimidating. 

This guide will help you understand the basics of yoga, what to expect as a newcomer, and essential tips for starting your yoga journey.

Spring Into Balance: Transition to a Toxin-Free Home

As the spring equinox ushers in a season of renewal, growth, and transformation, it presents an opportune moment to refresh our living spaces. Embracing the natural benefits of essential oils in our spring-cleaning routine not only helps in de-cluttering but also enriches our homes with a balance and harmony that only nature can provide.

Incorporating these oils into our cleaning practices purifies the air, elevates our mood, and promotes a toxin-free environment for a truly rejuvenated living space.


Comes the Dawn

This beautiful poem came my way in the early '90s from a dear friend and still holds such a wonderful meaning. It resonates profound lessons of life and love and beautifully distinguishes between the superficial gestures of affection and the complex realities of sharing life with another. 

The poem emphasizes that love is not about possession or superficial measures of security, but about understanding, acceptance, and personal growth.

I still have an original copy from a Dear Abby newspaper clipping copyrighted in 1987. The author is Joy Whitman. I've read it countless times at the end of yoga classes. May it bring you peace and serenity today!

Top 3 Essential Oils to use when traveling

Whether you’re traveling for a yoga retreat, workshop, training, or for a family holiday these 3 oils can fully support and enhance your travel experience, stay grounded on the go, and receive a more enjoyable experience!

As a yogi and especially if you teach, you tend to care for others with your nourishing guidance. So it’s even more important for you to engage in your self-care with these essential oils. Like many of you, my yoga mat always comes with me wherever I go as well as my oils. 


Make the best of the Summer HEAT!

The rising temperatures of summer often brings feelings of agitation, grogginess, or disorientation, however, there are effective ways to regain a sense of calm and coolness.

One method involves practicing Sitali or Sikari Pranayama, also known as the Cooling Breath, which is beneficial for tempering the body's internal heat, reducing feelings of anger and agitation, and managing appetite, thirst, and fatigue.