Remember to Just BREATHE!  It is your prana, your vital-force energy. Inhale through nose, exhale through nose, several times. Now inhale count of four, hold count of four, release count of four, hold count of four and repeat. Notice how you feel.  And Just Trust All is well… – Adrianne

Join me on a sacred journey to transform your experience from a place of confusion, disorder, or stagnation, to a place of Peace, Clarity and Ease.

♥ Corporate Yoga
I am delighted offer SPECIAL corporate packages and consultations to incorporate stress-reduction techniques to elevate productivity in the workplace. For more info Contact Adrianne Here.

♥ Monthly Self-care Circle
Receive techniques to BALANCE Your Energy Daily, and Experience Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest and Gentle Restorative Yoga. To learn more about this illuminating program visit the EVENTS PAGE.

OASIS Small Group Yoga
An extraordinary Personally Designed Yoga Program to receive personal attention, individual support, and inspiration not just group instruction. Visit OASIS Small Group Yoga to learn more.

♥ Individual Yoga and Lifestyle Mentoring
Customized sessions in Private Yoga and / or Life Style Mentoring Sessions to Design Your Personal Inner OASIS. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs or desires. This is your Sacred Invitation for ultimate Healing and Rejuvenation. Transform your experience from a place of Confusion, Disorder or Stagnation to a place of Peace, Clarity and Ease. To learn more and to schedule your Complimentary OASIS Clarity Call Here.

There are no accidents, you were guided you here for a reason. There is something within your core desiring a positive change to fulfill your soul’s longing. You are in the right place!

To learn more how I can support you with one of the above programs, I invite you to a Complimentary OASIS Clarity Call, my gift to you, by phone, Skype or Zoom. We will explore what is going for you and how I can best support you.

Thank you! Namasté

The Inner Divine Light in me, honors the Inner Divine Light in you!