OASIS Breathing Room

Remember to Just BREATHE!  It is your prana, your vital-force energy!

20141026_122216Please enjoy the below breathing audios to help you UNRAVEL and UNWIND anytime of the day wherever you are to experience Peace & Serenity! Be on the lookout for additional audio recordings coming soon!

My invitation for you is to create a sacred location and time without interruptions to receive optimum benefits.

On this first audio I share simple ways for you to do what I like to call “Take Five” to Get Grounded, Clear and Calm. I invite you to use the technique as often as needed.

Four-Square Breathing – 
Practice on a regular basis and especially during high stressful times to get fully grounded and fully clear.

Slow-Deep Breathing –
Practice on a regular basis any time you feel anxious or stressed, needing to calm down or come your your body and into the present moment.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Peace and Serenity,