Flow with Ease and Peace

Flow with Ease and Peace

Flow with Ease and PeaceFlow with Ease and Peace

"Happiness is not a goal in and of  itself; it is a side-effect of doing what you are meant to do in this  life." – Dr. Benjamin Perkus


Realize Your True Potential!

Do you have a Dream or Goal, however, you feel something is holding you back and you're not sure why? 

Do you struggle creating long-lasting Relationships?

Do you want to release Unwanted Habits?


Then I can help you transform this energy with Aroma Freedom. Aroma Freedom has helped me through the darkest of times to see the light. 

As a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, I'll gently guide you to release negative emotions and what’s holding you back so you can shift towards a more positive outlook and perspective, and to reach your goals with immediate and long-lasting changes.  

Aroma Freedom helps you go from where you are to where you want to be.  It is a safe and simple process to Balance Your Emotions and Pursue Your Dreams.

Using the Powerful Aroma of Young Living Essential Oils, in combination with a step-by-step process, Aroma Freedom empowers you to Activate Your Goals, Realize Your True Potential, and Experience a sense of Freedom in every area of your life.


  • Live Life to your Fullest
  • Obtain Clarity of Purpose
  • Feel more Confident and Connected
  • Release Negative Thought Patterns
  • Realize your Goals, Easily, and Quickly 
  • Elevate your Intuition or Inner knowing
  • Overcome Doubt, Fear, or Procrastination

Then Aroma Freedom is for you. 

Contact Adrianne Today for a Clarity Call. This is  a complimentary session over the phone for 30-minutes to explore how Aroma Freedom can support you to reach your Goals and Dreams. 

What Adrianne’s Clients Have to Say…

 I was feeling insecure  and hopeless about many aspects of my life, such as how to balance my  career and family life, how to mend myself and family together after the  loss of our 18-month-old daughter. I often felt  like a mental cloud was impairing my thoughts and decision-making  process. I felt hopeless and lost.

Through Aroma Freedom  with Adrianne, I learned to use specific essential oils and go through a  workflow of opening my mind, by digging into the memories and limiting  thoughts switching them for a clearer perspective,  with specific affirmations, and empowering thoughts. Every session  brought me a sense of boosted optimism and confidence. Over time I felt  more confident, hopeful, and empowered. A very good feeling.  I worked  with Adrianne for over a year, and learned a lot  about how to switch my fears for more hope and action. 

Having lived through  traumatic events led me through a whole range of therapies, but in my  opinion and experience, none of those were so powerful on finding and  shifting memories to create a more positive reality  so efficiently and efficacious manner. I also felt I became more aware  of my feelings and how to manage them. I learned techniques to calm down  and focus, it feels really nice now. 

- Carolina 

Once Adrianne explained the Aroma Freedom to me, it immediately piqued my interest.  I  was going through some emotionally challenging times and was not  feeling good about myself, and my ability to communicate with my   grandson.  My situation felt crippling and I was not myself.  I usually tackle challenges head on, without fear. This situation was  very different. I felt defeated, ineffective, scared, and totally  helpless. I decided to give Aroma Freedom a try.  Couldn’t  hurt, right?

Aroma Freedom with Adrianne empowered me  to release my old negative emotions and fear, and replace them with  more confidence and trust in myself, as well as let go of other  challenges in my life with remarkable success. I received the confidence I needed to move forward. I now have regularly scheduled and positive communication with my grandson. Thank you Adrianne!  

– Renee


I was anxious and stressed regarding an interpersonal issue I was having with another person. Through Aroma Freedom, I learned positive self talk and  visualization strategies to increase my confidence when interacting with this person. Which  have brought me greater peace and as a result I am now able to be more  positive with this person as opposed to being critical.  

This has  resulted in a better understanding  and inner peace I didn’t have previously.

- Deb

Aroma Freedom with Adrianne was terrific. She is very pleasant and professional. She encouraged me to look inside and deal with a few significant issues in my professional life.


Together we developed a few simple yet powerful affirmations that she used with me to enhance her sessions. The best part is, I have noticed a strong confident change inside of me which has already impacted my attitude, and ability to attract more business opportunities & relationships, which is what I wanted before we met.

Adrianne made it so super easy to work with her and has great follow up (you can tell she really cares). All in all I have to say, she exceeded my expectations, and I will recommend her to anyone who is open to self-improvement. 

- Greg Pedro, Matawan, NJ


  • Aroma Freedom Sessions are available for individuals or couples
  • You’ll be guided for 60 minutes, In-person or Remotely via Zoom, Skype, or Telephone
  • Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) are used exclusively in all sessions.
  • Full bottles of oils can be purchased with your member account. If you do not have an account, we can discuss options or you can receive a one time sample supply with a shipping fee
  • At the end of each Aroma Freedom Session you’ll receive a personal affirmation and action step to help you achieve your goal (takes less than 5 minutes / day)

To learn more and explore how Aroma Freedom can support you to reach your Goals and Dreams,  Contact Adrianne Today for a Clarity Call. This is  a 30-minute complimentary session over the phone


About Adrianne

Adrianne Rowe is a gifted teacher and expert at teaching her clients how to center themselves. 

She is a Certified Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500), a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH), a Certified Reflexologist, and Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner.

Adrianne helps Busy People and Caregivers who feel burned out, exhausted, and overwhelmed to become rejuvenated.

Yoga, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and eating Radiant Food are her passions. 


Adrianne loves the ocean, walking in the woods, and crocheting. She currently lives in Central New Jersey with her husband and teenage son.