Finding The Best Yoga Mat For You

With many different styles of yoga and various exercise routines that require a yoga mat, it can be confusing on how to choose the one that works best for you. Like most products, there is no one yoga mat for every person. Of course, personal taste, the environment it is used in and the level of support factor into making a decision. recently took a look at what makes a good yoga mat and found the best yoga mat on the market.

What Makes a Good Yoga Mat?

There are many features that make a good yoga mat. For instance, if you want effortless travel, size and weight will be a factor. Consider the type of flooring your class is on, such as hardwood or carpet. A durable mat can hold up to extreme temperatures that rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit potentially wearing down some mats. Look for ample amounts of traction and stability to avoid slips during vigorous routines. For lengthy floor yoga classes, you definitely want a dense mat that will provide comfort. Many people prefer a full range of colors and want to know that their mat is Eco-friendly. Price should also be a consideration. You can pay anywhere from $10 to over $100 depending on the quality. Take into account how often you will use the mat before deciding.

Choosing the Right Yoga Mat

Incidentally, a yoga mat is not a requirement to practice yoga. However, workout studios recommend using a yoga mat for several reasons. A yoga mat defines your personal space to those around you. They offer traction for sweaty hands and feet. With your own mat, you are less likely to pick up or pass along germs than borrowing one from the studio.

A mat can be made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material or more eco-friendly materials, such as cotton, jute, bamboo or hemp. The mat may be closed-cell or open-cell. Closed-cell will not absorb moisture, allowing for easy cleaning. Open-cell holds in oil and sweat. It is harder to keep clean but makes it easy to grip during workouts.

The Winner is – Manduka PROLite

The Manduka PROlite is the research team’s overall top pick mainly for its ability to last and last. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee. Other features that weighed heavily are its dense and comfortable construction. It is designed from PVC material which keeps the mat stable during any conditions, even extreme heat and during intense exercise. It also provides plenty of support to the knees and during poses held for longer durations.

The Manduka PROlite far exceeds expectations with regards to grip and texture. Easily glide from one pose to the next without worrying about slipping or sticking. This mat in only four pounds, making it lightweight and portable and is available in two sizes and various colors. Lastly, the mat has a closed-cell technology that allows for easy cleaning of dirt and sweat. This product has all of the factors that go into designing a long-lasting, dependable yoga mat.

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