Want an ‘essential ingredient’ to your resolutions?

My body mirrors my state of mind. I am healthy, whole and complete. – Louise Hay


Wishing you and your loved ones a Beautiful, Bountiful, Healthy and Prosperous Year!

How is your New Year going so far?Roots_small

Each New Year brings a significant turning point to reflect experiences of the prior year. An opportunity to check-in what worked, what didn’t and what you can do to change.

Every experience brings a learning opportunity and a time to celebrate no matter how big or small, good or not so good. By honoring each experience with a celebration brings about positive change and forward movement.

It’s like an evolution, the energy flows in and the energy flows out. Like the stream of your natural breath flowing in and releasing.

I often hear folks discouraged by not accomplishing their new (or renewed) resolutions or unable to create meaningful time to relax and rejuvenate.

Does this sound like you?

Or maybe you have trouble getting started? Or feel frazzled by your intentions?

I know exactly how it feels, because I have been there and have transformed my experience. And you can, too. This is why I created Discover Your Inner OASIS.

A unique SPECIAL 3-part series workshop to share with you to learn the ‘essential ingredient’ how you can transform your experience to create your own personal Inner OASIS where ever you are! You may come for one, two or all three sessions. Each month has a different theme.

The first workshop is on Saturday, January 17 to ROOT Your Resolve, at The Inner Space | 24 North 3rd Ave., Suite 103, Highland Park, NJ.

We will focus on the ‘essential ingredient’ to POWER up your resolutions and celebrate YOU!  Based on the ancient yogic practice of Sankalpa, you will learn how to power up your resolutions so they ROOT into your reality easily and gracefully.

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Receive a discount when you come for two or three sessions or bring a friend
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Once registered, an email will arrive to insure you receive the most from your experience

This extraordinary workshop will bring you:

  • Simple techniques to remain calm and clear even in the hectic times
  • Techniques to experience clarity, ease and peace throughout your day
  • Guided Breath Awareness
  • Journaling for reflection
  • Seated Aroma* Yoga Nidra (the ancient art of guided meditation & deep relaxation)
  • Mindful “tasting” Meditation
  • A safe sacred place

*Therapeutic-grade essentials oils – nature’s safe and effective remedy for improving physical and emotional health – will be used to enhance your experience. They can help to balance mood, lift spirits and release negative emotions. Used medicinally, therapeutic-grade essentials oils kill bacteria, fungi and viruses and carry nutrients to, and oxygenate cells.

A blissful day to you and a very Happy New Year!

Thank you.

Peace & Serenity ~ “Remember to Just BREATHE!”

P.S.: Be sure Click Here to Discover Your Inner OASIS – January, February and March

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