Happy Saturday, Happy New June Moon!

Our June New Moon enters our horizon evening. New Moons represent a birth and renewal, and an IDEAL time to set Intentions. We can use the Ancient Yogic Practice of Sankalpa to set our intentions. With this >>> Live Facebook Video ***** To hear the video sound please click/tap the actual video and / or […]

Access Your Inner Healer

Everything in nature moves in circles. What goes out must come back…those who give receive all. Those who refuse to give limit the possibility of the greater good returning to them. Greetings! Happy, Happy Full Moon Friday! Your inner healer is always inside of you. It is your inner knowing or Divine Wisdom. The part […]

A time to REFLECT

Watch your thoughts, they become your words, Watch your words, they become your actions, Watch your actions, they become your habits, Watch your habits, they become your character, Watch your character, it becomes your destiny. ~Freeman Hrabowski Greetings! One of my favorite daily rituals is creating time to REFLECT. Reflection helps me set the tone […]

Cultivate Your Resolve

Greetings! Use the power of Sankalpa to Cultivate Your Resolve as a daily ritual. Sankalpa is ancient yogic practice to create a positive statement in the present tense, like an affirmation. To learn more about the power of Sankalpa see a blog post written by a lovely student Sapna Mehra. Many Warm Blessings, Adrianne