Open Your Day!

Happy New Year, Happy Friday!

On this bright NEW day of the year, I invite you to make some time in stillness.

“Stillness not the lack of movement or energy, it is harmony in action”.

Write a list of things that didn’t work and things that did work.

Then reflect, without judgment or censor.

How can I do them differently and what can I improve?

Pick one thing today, just for today in this moment you would like to let go of and allow yourself to release it.

Decide on one thing you would like to bring forward and allow it in. Allow it in just for this moment.

Reflect now, how does this feel?

Every new beginning whether it is a huge moment like today, a New Year or another day or a New Moon you can create something new with intention.

The ancient yogic practice of Sankalpa allows this potent practice. Sankalpa is a positive statement in the present tense, like an affirmation.

Open Your Day with your resolve EVERY day. Use the same statement until it is manifested or a minimum of 40 days.

This is a seed for the plant of your desires to grow.

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