Flow with Ease and Peace

Flow with Ease and Peace

Flow with Ease and PeaceFlow with Ease and Peace

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." - Rumi 


Meet Adrianne

So-Ham: I am that I am

I'm a Mama, Yogini, Wellness Enthusiast, and an Aroma Freedom Practitioner.  Yoga, Oils, and eating Radiant Food are my passions. It's how I take care of my Personal Energy because when I don’t, I do not feel well.

I’ve been teaching yoga individually and in groups in various locations and remotely, since April 2000.

My first yoga experience began when I was 14 years old through an adult education program with my mother. I dabbled with meditation in 1995, and practiced yoga & meditation infrequently until 1997 when my therapist recommended yoga for stress relief and healing

In the fall of 1999, I joined a Yoga Teacher Training at Soma Yoga Center of Highland Park, NJ, directed by Bobbie Ellis and Stephanie Pappas. I continued to study with numerous Master Level Yoga teachers. Yoga and its vast aspects have been an integral part of my personal healing journey since. 

I love the ocean, walking in the woods, and the beauty of the outdoors. You’ll often find me walking around the neighborhood most mornings.


I help Busy People and Caregivers who feel burned out, exhausted, and overwhelmed to become rejuvenated.

I teach my clients how to Nourish and Energize with Foundational Yoga Principles, Self-care Practices, and Aroma Freedom. 

I'm a student of life. Constantly taking courses or workshops, reading, and learning, to elevate my own personal growth. My continued self-study and work with my teachers, mentors, and coaches, deepens my journey every single day! 

The source of my inspiration comes from my clients who reveal, 'You always know exactly what I need, you understand me even in a big class, or you seem to be channeling when you teach'.

My passion and commitment to yoga and wellness led me to transition from a 20-year computer career in NYC after experiencing pregnancy losses in 1999 and 2000.


I’m Registered with National Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), and Certified in Soma Yoga 700-hour, Yoga Nidra, Radiant Child Yoga Level 2, Heart and Soul Work for Children, and Karma Kids Yoga, a Licensed Spiritual Healer (LSH), and a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner.

Other certifications include: YogaRhythmics® (aka Kripalu YogaDance®), Magnified Healing®, Thai-Yoga Bodywork, Reflexology - using the Ingham Reflexology Method®, Raindrop Technique®, a Reiki Master, and a Natural Foods Chef.

How would it feel to Flow Through Your Life in Peace?


Do you feel  overwhelmed by your daily commitments?

Do you  struggle making  quality time for yourself?

Do you constantly feel hurried or rushed?

I know exactly how it feels, because I have been there and have transformed my experience. And you can too!

I teach Busy Individuals, Entrepreneurs, and Executives  how to Nourish and Energize their Body, Mind, and Soul, with Foundational Yoga Principles and Simple Practical Self-care Techniques.


  • Feel centered, grounded, and relaxed with all of your activities and interactions
  • Transform your experience from a place of chaos to a place of ease and peace
  • Remain calm, clear, and focused during hectic times
  •  Wake up daily replenished and rejuvenated
  • Release your overwhelm, stress, and worry

Then Schedule Your Clarity Call TODAY,

This is  a complimentary session over the phone for 30-minutes to explore how Yoga, Meditation, and Self-care can help you transform your experience from chaos, disorder, and overwhelm to Ease and Peace.