Life Nerve Stretch

Yoga isn’t about getting to know the postures. It’s about getting to know yourself. ~ Gary Kraftsow
Life Nerve Stretch, also known as, Half-Seated Forward fold, Janu Shirshanana, is one of the keys to maintaining youth and to support your flexibility.

The Life Nerve is located from the back of the heels, up through the sciatic nerve (longest nerve in the body) to the lower, middle and upper back. By lengthening the Life Nerve daily we get a flexible spine, support for emotional balance and the digestive system. It softens the nervous system and can help you achieve deep sleep and alleviate sciatica challenges.

To lengthen or open your Life Nerve, sit on the floor, extend both legs in front of you. Rotate both thighs inward to ground sit bones to floor. Bend left knee bringing foot to right thigh, heel close pelvis. Lengthen spine upward. Inhale deeply, reach forward folding from hip crease, bring both palms to floor on either side of right leg, lengthen entire spine, chin tucked inward, and chest extending forward. Once you feel your edge, breathe deeply into back of leg, elongate spine and back of neck, top of head extending upward.

Maintain posture 1-3 minutes while continuing to breathe into the back of leg and spine. Release. Sit in stillness for a few moments. Reflect. Repeat other side.

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