Do you need a fresh start?


Greetings and Happy Fall!

With summer officially over, I notice myself and others in a seeking a new rhythm with a fresh start as activities shift into the fall season. Fall is a time of gathering and collecting our desires for the future. What desires are you seeking to collect?

Our New Moon today brings an extra special boost as it coincides with the Jewish New Year  and a super powerful way to receive a fresh start.

My invitation for you is to set a time today or in the next day or so in a sacred location where you will be undisturbed for about 5 minutes. Take a few moments to settle into your breath. You may want to do what I like to call Take Five.

In your journal or notebook create a list of all your desires. Continue writing without judgment, keeping your pen to the paper. If you run out of ideas write that down too. The intention here is to collect and gather all your desires, ideas and thoughts down on paper. When you write it down you give power and strength to your voice, ideas and thoughts. When you leave them in your head they tend to just roll around and remain there.

Once your 5 minutes are up, review your list and choose your top 1-3 items and make a plan to put only those in action today and continue to work on them until they are complete. As you finish each one continue down your list. Oftentimes when you do this the unimportant ideas and thoughts may fall away.

Keep me posted how this goes for you. I would love to hear how this process supported you.

Have a bountiful day! Namaste!

Thank you.

Om Shanti,

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