Do you feel TOO HOT and agitated?

“When the world is too busy, slow it down” – Collin McCarty

Does the SUMMER HEAT make you FEEL agitated, scattered, or spacey?

You can turn to the ancient breathing practice, Sitali or Sikari Pranayama, the cooling breath, to cool and temper the body.

According to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, we are in Pitta season. Pitta, when imbalanced can create agitation, elevate anger and scattered energy.

Sitali Pranayama, refers to the sound created by drawing in the breath by protruding the tongue folded into a tube or you can place the tongue at the roof of your mouth. This non-curled method is called Sikari Pranayama.

To practice this breath inhale through the curled extended tongue or with the tongue at the roof of your mouth, and exhale through the nose. Once you exhale, the tongue is drawn back into the mouth, lips close at the end of inhalation. You can breathe out either through the throat or alternately through the nostrils.

With the eyes remained closed. Practice this breath now for 21 repetitions. Pause…After you complete take a moment to sense how your body feels right. Return your breath to it’s natural flow. Focus your awareness on the cooling sensation in your body. Continue to breathe normally. Feel the natural flow of your breath, flowing in, your natural breath flowing out….Slowly to open your eyes to a soft gaze… Beautiful!

Build up to 1-3 minutes or more daily. You can use this use this breath as often as needed to experience a sense of coolness in the body during the summer when the weather gets really HOT, it actually elevates moisture in the body. It is especially good when you find yourself somewhere like getting into a HOT car in the summer.

Photos of Sitali / Sikari Pranayama –  Cooling breath



Invite an overall sense of calm and clarity to your mind and bodySitali or Sikari Pranayama, the cooling breath, can help to tame down anger, reduce agitation, help decrease the appetite, thirst and reduce fatigue. It is great for regulating high blood pressure and hormones.

If you or you know someone who experiences HOT flashes you can use Sitali or Sikari to help regulate the sudden rise of heat in the body to cool down and relax.

Enjoy! Namaste!

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