Do you ever feel confused?

Greetings and Happy Full Moon Monday!

With our Full Moon in our horizon today we get to bring all of our intentions created from the recent New Moon, to fruition. This is a time coming to fullness.

As we begin to shift gears from end of summer into the fall season, it is important to maintain groundedness in our energy to support the approaching changes. For me this is a time of deepening into my self-care practices even more and wherever I go.  Here is a recent photo of me grounding at the foot of the ocean.


Do you ever feel confused, distracted, and scattered?

Yes? You are not alone. I have had my share of these feelings as well as clients who come to work with me. I learned the hard way to make it my priority in my daily Sadhana to maintain my sense of GROUNDEDNESS. It is like brushing and flossing your teeth. You can’t just do it once in a while and move on. You need to do it daily, and consistently.

There are so many valuable aspects of yoga to support maintaining groundedness. One of the primary gifts Yoga offers us is breath awareness (pranayama).

Being aware of your breath and being conscious of how you breathe throughout your day creates a connection between mind and body. It helps to bring the focus into your body. As Yoga Master B.K.S Iyengar always said: “When you are fully in the body you meet the soul”.

Here’s a very simple breath awareness technique to help you come into your body to get grounded and do what I like to call, “TAKE FIVE”.

Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the space between your eyebrows (third-eye center) and draw your attention inward towards your breath. Notice your natural breath. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and release, and again once more, in through your nose and exhale, deep breath in again and hold count of three and release. Remain here breathing naturally, in through nose and out through nose as long as you like.

You can use this technique anytime of the day to help you ground and to release stress. It creates a beautiful way to soften the edges of confusion, distraction, and scatteredness. Keep me posted how it goes for you I would love to hear about your experience.

Until next time…

Have a joy-filled and meaningful day! Namaste!

Om Shanti,

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