Flow with Ease and Peace

Flow with Ease and Peace

Flow with Ease and PeaceFlow with Ease and Peace

"Remember to Just BREATHE! It  is your prana, your vital-force energy.
Inhale through nose, exhale  through nose, several times.
Now inhale count of four, hold count of  four, release count of four, hold count of four and repeat.
Notice how you feel."  – Adrianne

OASIS Breathing Room

Please enjoy the below breathing audios

UNRAVEL and UNWIND anytime of the day wherever you are to experience Peace & Serenity!

For optimum benefits, create a sacred location and time without interruptions.


With Ease and Peace,



Take Five

Take Five to get Grounded, Clear, and Calm.
Use this breathing technique as often as needed. 

Four-Square Breathing

Practice on a regular basis, especially during high stressful times to get fully grounded and fully clear.

Slow-Deep Breathing

Practice any time you feel anxious, stressed, or burned out. 

The audio is helps you to come into your body and into the present moment. 

Client Testimony

"ADRIANNE" my blood pressure this morning was 168/90.  

I was doing the breathing exercises and now it dropped to 123/65.  
Wow!! Thank you for your breathing room. - LR

How would it feel to Flow Through Your Life in Peace?

Transform Your Experience

Do you feel  overwhelmed by your daily commitments?

Do you  struggle making  quality time for yourself?

Do you constantly feel hurried or rushed?

I know exactly how it feels, because I have been there and have transformed my experience.
And your can too!

I teach Busy Individuals, Entrepreneurs, and Executives  how to Nourish and Energize their Body, Mind, and Soul, with Foundational Yoga Principles and Simple Practical Self-care Techniques.



  • Feel centered, grounded, and relaxed with all of your activities and interactions
  • Transform your experience from a place of chaos to a place of ease and peace
  • Remain calm, clear, and focused during hectic times
  • Wake up daily replenished and rejuvenated
  • Release your overwhelm, stress, and worry

Then Schedule a Clarity Call TODAY.

This is  a complimentary session over the phone for 30-minutes to explore how Yoga, Meditation, and Self-care can help you transform your experience from chaos, disorder, and overwhelm so you can flow through your day with Ease and Peace.